Christmas Past – New Year Forward

If you are not a follower of my Facebook and Twitter accounts, you may have missed my holiday greeting e-card, featuring me in my swanky GQ sweater look. Sorry, I intended to post the e-card as a blog… I actually TOLD The Human I wanted that… it’s very hard to hire good help these days.

If you would like to check out the e-card here are both links. While you are there, scroll through the other posts to see my Christmas loot photos!

LINK #1:   E-Card (Facebook)                          LINK #2:   E-Card (Twitter)

Ah, the holidays! A buffet of scrumptious dog and human treats that I like to be offered, as well as heist! And what I can’t heist, I attempt to acquire with my extreme cuteness. There are few humans who can ignore my handsome big brown eyes staring them down for the morsels they possess. If my seductive eyes aren’t enough, I add in the shy “down head” look, acting as if I’m a starving, suffering puppy. Perhaps I even add in a whimper for absolute irresistibility.

“Please, Sir (or Ma’am), I am but a poor, hungry puppy dog in need of nutritional bits that you can spare!!!”

It works… most of the time. Suckers!!!

So now that we have met and bid adieu to another Christmas, The Human and I look forward to also saying farewell to 2013, and to welcoming the New Year of 2014 and all of its new experiences. The Human and I had a reasonably fun and happy 2013, with the exception of a few circumstances which darkened our little happy home…

…We had some notable losses (whom we plan to memorialize in an upcoming post).

…And we had some betrayals (of the human variety). There are some bad apples hiding amongst the human species… veritable “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Beware of who is hanging around your pack! Loyalty, trustworthiness and virtue are core values that some humans do not necessarily possess. I try to keep The Human on her toes when she looks like she needs a push or pull in the right direction. I also have a list of antics I like to employ to get her mind off of yucky bad things when they happen (which often involves a snack for my mouth). I AM a professional!!! And she is my apprentice!!! We shall prevail!!! Got that, Human?


We are anticipating the publication of a significant pet magazine at the end of January, which we believe will host two photos taken by The Human. One of the two possible photos stars “Yours Truly” as the dog model. It is the February/March 2014 edition (more to be announced when we can confirm we are in fact included).

That is all I have for now!

May 2014 be prosperous & joyful!!! And may it be full of fantastic tasty treats for all DOGS!!! 


The Lanther

General Baloo / Commander, Special Food Forces (SFF) Elite  (more details)


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