Home is Where the Heart Is…

The last few weeks have been really crazy and confusing and weird and up and down, etc. The Human and I are getting ready to move in the near future. We lived with Granny, and now her home is going to belong to someone new. It was our HOME, but it is not our HOUSE. The moving process has begun to happen in phases with different folks coming and going with all of their boxes and movers. I even gave a hand to my Gramps in tying down a tarp on the trailer one day.

The Human says there is a possibility for us to go just about anywhere next… someone else told us that “the world is your oyster now.” What the heck does that mean? Is the world a gooey gob of a creature that lives in a shell in the ocean, who occasionally hacks up a pearl?

My dog park injury is doing great. My wounds are closed and in the last stages of healing, my fur is starting to regrow. No more gauze pads or medical tape. No more cones. I have even gotten back to my bay beach a couple of times. It was so nice to run like a free wild stallion again!

But mostly our days at the house are precious and few, so the Human and I spend a lot of time at home, and on the backyard swing… thinking of Granny and how much we are going to miss her and her house… SHE and this place, were what we called HOME (it really is WHERE THE HEART IS…).


  • Sophie Coton on Oct 19, 2012 Reply

    Lanther, I wish you, your human, your granny and gramps all the happiness in the world in your new homes. Glad to hear you are healing well and that your fur is growing in. (You are a handsome dude.) I think you’re correct about the expression the world is your oyster. But I can’t be sure since I don’t what an oyster is. Let me know where you land … Best, Sophie

    • The Lanther on Oct 19, 2012 Reply

      Sophie, thank you for your kindness. I may have confused everyone of the people referenced due to how I wrote that post. “GRANNY” is my human’s Grandmother, and “GRAMPS” is my human’s Dad. I called her Granny, GRANNY, and I call her Dad, GRAMPS. Granny sadly passed away in July, and that is why we now has to move… we miss her. They sellin’ her house. My Human and I lived with Granny while she was ill to help her. I will keep you posted… thank you for reaching out to us. Woof!

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