Publication of “The Calm Before the Storm”

The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm

Dear Fans,

It is my great honor to share with you that The Human submitted an article to the local paper which was picked up for publishing this week!

The article is about Hurricane Sandy, and is written around a photo The Human and I took together just before the storm.

I’m mentioned in the story and I’m in the photo… just saying… maybe you will check it out because of my GQ SMOOTH canine status ;)

You can view the article in The Sandpaper, or online at the link attached below. The Sandpaper team even published the photo in full color!!! That is a very big deal! … no doubt it was in part because I AM SO REALLY, REALLY, REALLY RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING!!! AWOOO!!!

Special thanks to The Sandpaper for including us in your publication… The Human and I are deeply honored!!!

*** The article is titled “Picture Perfect: The Calm Before the Storm” and it may be found in The Sandpaper… Nov 13, 2013: Vol. 39 No. 45…  PAGE 6 *** There are two available online links… you may decide which offers you better online viewing:

VERSION 1 (mirrors hard copy layout, must scroll to Page 6)

VERSION 2 (email version – has online friendly layout, links directly to article page)  –

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