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Seals Are Just Dog Mermaids: Therefore Dogs Should Be Allowed on Summer Beaches!

***above photo is courtesy of MICHAEL BAGLEY PHOTOGRAPHY… the most PAWSOME pet photography studio in ALL THE LAND!!!

It is nearly summertime at the Jersey Shore. That’s not the best thing if you’re a dog, because the townships impose a “no dog” rule for the beaches during active summer tourist season.  The beach is my favorite place IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! I am the KING OF MY JETTIES (I have two, one south and one north – and yes, they are MINE!… I mark them regularly!)

It’s not fair that summer brings with it beach evictions for canines. I pick up my dookie, so that’s not the problem (ok, The Human picks it up, but same-same). I want to enjoy the beach when the temperatures are truly ideal for an ocean swim! Do you know how cold the Atlantic is pre-Summer? Brrr!!! I mean, I’ve got fur but eeek!

I recently posted the following graphic about seals on The Lanther’s Facebook and The Lanther’s Twitter pages, and now I post it here to further my argument in favor of a movement I call, “Paws on the Sand.”

Seals Dog Mermaids

Seals ARE just dog mermaids. So let’s follow the logic.

If seals are just dog mermaids, then dogs are land seals. Seals are allowed on the beach anytime they want. In fact, they are given the right of way by marine life officials – humans must yield and stay away.  So therefore, if seals are allowed on the beach all year-long, and seals are just dog mermaids… dogs should be allowed on the beach all year-long, right? I mean, ARE YA PICKING UP WHAT I’M PUTTING DOWN? (Yes, my Human, I know you pick up what I put down, I mentioned that earlier if you paid attention).

Write a letter to your government leaders supporting “Paws on the Sand” today! And try not to drool on or eat the letter prior to mailing!


(most of which are 4-legged, panting and furry).


PAWS to remember…

Tribute to the more than 300 search and rescue dogs that helped in the rescue effort at the World Trade Center after terrorists attacked on September 11, 2001.

***Videos Courtesy of “The Dog Files”***

Hero Dogs Of 9/11:

Hero Dogs Of 9/11: Legacy


Team photo shoot today with my Human and the Harness Lead head honcho!  I got to hang out with some other dogs and lots of people today.  There was some work involved, but I also got to swim and play… WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!!! That’s what I say!!! Well, I say a lot of things… most of which are about FOOD…but… I digress!!!

We got some really cool photos courtesy of Michael Bagley Photography

(Michael Bagley takes awesome photos and donates a lot of his time to taking photos of shelter dogs to help get them adopted – and it does help – he took some of me when I was a shelter pup, too!!!).  He’s going to Heaven!!! Yup… he’s a 5-Milkbone Rated human!!!

So here are the photos… I have perfected my signature modeling “LOOK” called “BLACK STEEL”… I hope you are prepared for how really, really ridiculously good-looking I am!!! AWOOO!!!

These photos were taken for Harness Lead and many went on their website (newly upgraded), so you may check out their web page to see where I appear if you like. WOOF!!!

V for Victory!!!



Score!!! TREAT!!!

It was me … I LET THE DOGS OUT!!!


Dis tweat (umph) is (umph) so good

Devils Score First Point!

AWOOOOOOOOO!!!   I’m so excited… and I just can’t hide it!!! I’m about to get a milkbone, and I think I like it!!!

What? I’m a real fan!  So what if I DO GET a milkbone every time the Devils score a goal?  It’s a sort of canine pub game ;)

Suited Up For Play!!! Game 5 – Devils vs Kings



Sweet Dreams – Lanther’s First Home Christmas

Well I had a great dream during my nap.  It was about my first Christmas in a real home this year.

My human had taken me to cold, snowy New England to visit her sister, niece, their dog and 2 cats this Christmas.  I gave the kitties a bit of a hard time, so I wasn’t allowed to see them too much.  But I did play a lot with my new dog cousin Otto and new human cousin Gaby.

My human Aunt made Otto and I some tasty meaty bones on Christmas morning, which I lovingly adored the entire visit.  Num num num!!!

The best part … I got to run like a crazy wildebeest in the snowy hiking trails nearby!  Awooooooooo!!!

Lanther’s Return to the Giant Driftwood

I had so much fun the last time, that I had to venture out to the beach for another round with the Legendary Giant Driftwood.  It was hidden in a special secret place by my human assistants, so it would be ready for my return.  And it was!!!

The poor tree limb didn’t last beyond this outing though, as it started to break apart (partly at the mercy of my mouth), plus I wouldn’t leave it where the humans hid it at the end of play. But boy was it fun while it lasted!

You can see my ocean swimming skills beginning to really improve in this video.  Do you know I was actually timid of water when I first came face to face with it?  I didn’t even feel comfy swimming in relatively still water, now look at me go! The Lanther at one with the rolling sea!!! Awooo!!!

Teachings of The Lanther

A jug fills drop by drop.

My dinner bowl empties in 3 gulps.



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