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Winter Fun Without the Sun


Hello lovely Lantherites!!! It’s been a cold, overcast and fairly dreary winter so far in the Northeast. BLAAAH! It’s weather like this that makes Humans… especially THE Human… exceptionally lazy about getting us dogs out there into the wild!

If you follow my BUTT-BOOK… er… uh… FACEBOOK PAGE and/or my TWITTER page, you will see that SHE hasn’t been completely useless in getting me outside for winter activities.

I have done some snow running… like a lone wolf leading the pack through the great arctic! I ran like the wind, AWOOO! And if any Humans got in my way, I plowed them right over! I’m a steamroller, baby!!!


I have done some toll-taking… this was a 3-treat toll minimum for all those who wished to pass!!! During one of my walks I noticed that Humans wanted to regularly pass over this point in the road on their little machine thingies… I saw an opportunity. All those who wanted to pass needed to pay a treat toll. Much to my dismay, a traffic jam developed because some Humans were not prepared for the payment required. What?!!! I know, right? What Humans in their right mind don’t travel around with dog treats at the ready? UNSAT!!!

I did some winter sporting activities… LET’S PLAY BALL!!! Despite the efforts of The Human to find me a nice fenced in area, I like to punk her. There were two incredibly small openings in the fencing of the enclosed area. I knew where they were, and I bolted for them every time! BOL! You should see how SHE runs in the snow! Hilarious! You would think she had cement blocks tied to her feet! She was pretty exhausted by the time I was through making her chase me! 

I also went sledding with The Human… I don’t think The Human knew what she was in for when she decided it would be “cute” to take me on board the sled. Silly rabbit! Sleds are NOT for dogs! I tried my best for days to chew off one of those fuzzy balls dangling from her hat. They were taunting me.

[VIDEO – click to open then click again to PLAY]


And when The Human was really hitting the winter weather blah mode, she managed to get me started on the indoor program with the treadmill. It’s quite an opportunity for me to get lots of treats, seeing as how that is the primary motivator utilized to get me to mount that goofy contraption. SEE VIDEO HERE:

Overall, a winter snowy terrain is awesome! But my favorite thing EVER remains a salty, sunny beach. There’s nothing like the shore! And there’s nothing like sunshine!

Dearest shiny orb, I look forward to seeing more of you as spring nears!


Ho Hum Day… thanks to SOMEONE

I can’t say I had an especially exciting day today because SOMEONE didn’t take me to the dog park.  SOMEONE kept ignoring my attempts to harass her.  SOMEONE was like, TOTALLY BORING today!  If there were an Olympics for the Boring… I know SOMEONE who would win every event!

Tomorrow I plan to be completely obnoxious… the price the Human shall pay for a day filled with nothingness.  I need exercise. Fail in that mission and face the consequences Princess!  Oh yes, tomorrow, you WILL WANT to take me to the dog park. You won’t be able to ignore me if you try Sweetheart!  Mwah ha ha!!!


Zen Lanther Yoga

“When the pupil is ready to learn, a teacher will appear”  - Zen Proverb

And so there you have it… my humble students… I offer you some instruction in the ways of the Lanther:


Uck!!! Kissed by a Human!!! :)

If a dog is kissed in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

My human took me hiking in the forest recently.  No one was around so I got some really fun off-leash time.  There was a few random mountain bikers and hikers… but I was too busy sniffing and marking everything to be bothered with them.

I got to see lots of trees and streams and lakes… and little bridges!!!  The Human even brought water along just for me!  I think she loves me… but uck… she’s always kissing and slobbering on me!!!


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