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Home is Where the Heart Is…

The last few weeks have been really crazy and confusing and weird and up and down, etc. The Human and I are getting ready to move in the near future. We lived with Granny, and now her home is going to belong to someone new. It was our HOME, but it is not our HOUSE. The moving process has begun to happen in phases with different folks coming and going with all of their boxes and movers. I even gave a hand to my Gramps in tying down a tarp on the trailer one day.

The Human says there is a possibility for us to go just about anywhere next… someone else told us that “the world is your oyster now.” What the heck does that mean? Is the world a gooey gob of a creature that lives in a shell in the ocean, who occasionally hacks up a pearl?

My dog park injury is doing great. My wounds are closed and in the last stages of healing, my fur is starting to regrow. No more gauze pads or medical tape. No more cones. I have even gotten back to my bay beach a couple of times. It was so nice to run like a free wild stallion again!

But mostly our days at the house are precious and few, so the Human and I spend a lot of time at home, and on the backyard swing… thinking of Granny and how much we are going to miss her and her house… SHE and this place, were what we called HOME (it really is WHERE THE HEART IS…).

Missing Granny :(

I have been absent for a while from this blog… it is with my ears down, and tail all wilted… that I tell you my human’s granny passed on and crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past week.

Her name was Helen (and Granny)… and my human and I loved her sooo much.  She was not only my human’s granny, but mine too since I was adopted.  She used to pet me and love me every day.  She would take care of my meals and petting whenever I wanted.  Granny was always there for my human and for me, and I could tell she loved us both an awful lot.

I now lay guard over my human at night, protecting her from the tough nights that may come in our time of loss.

A gentle tail wag and mournful sigh in fond memory of our Granny. We miss her so very much. 


1st Day of Spring – Lanther, Great Hunter of Crickets!!!

Today is the first day of Spring! The flower bulbs are sprouting in Granny’s garden and I’m proudly running through them and horsing around digging at them (by the way, Granny hates that – hee hee hee). My human runs at me waving and nagging to “get out of the garden!” But for me… it’s just a hilariously good time to keep on running and prancing all over the spots I’m not supposed to do it on! Weeeeee!!!

The dew claw broke off a little more, but now it’s about flush so less likely to catch on things. I wish to continue jumping on the fence and haranguing passersby!!! They need to know this is MY YARD!!!

Last night I saved “my people” from a menacing creature. I was laying peacefully on the living room carpet when it attacked me. A black beast with many legs and an ability to jump very high! The human called it a cricket. It bounced on me over and again! I sprang into defense! I jumped and pounced from spot to spot on the carpet, maneuvering to counterattack this dangerous enemy. In a final effort to thwart my attacker, I dug at him, the way I’ve trained in the flower bed (see humans, my digging at the bulbs has trained me to protect you!). Alas, the assailant lay still and all was quiet on the war front! I am Lanther, hear me roar! Woof! You’re welcome my peeps!!!



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