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The Lanther: ABOUT ME

So… this will answer some questions I’ve gotten… ABOUT ME… WOOF!!!

Jersey Shore: State of Emergency, State of Resurgency

Greetings! It is I, The Lantherious Lanther!

The most exciting thing currently happening in my little furry world is my charity t-shirt!!! This fall, as most are aware, my home beaches on Long Beach Island (LBI), NJ, were blasted by the unrelenting wrath of Superstorm Sandy. Recovery operations have been in motion since the storm. And while the people of LBI, and most of the Jersey Shore, have made a notable stand to receive visitors this summer, there are still many individuals and businesses that did not recover, or that are still in the midst of a brave attempt to do so.

One day this spring The Human and my Pro Photographer, Michael Bagley, (aka “That Guy,” or “My Paparazzi”) summoned me to do some recovery-related photo shoots (I said… GREAT! Let me practice my Black Steel model face!). Some of the shots were of me standing proudly in front of a wide bulldozer blade at the entrance to the beach (snacks were provided). The sky was mostly cloudy, gray and ominous (I think my fur may have frizzed a little). What little light peeked through the clouds, the heavy equipment seemed to capture and brilliantly reflect (as did my luxurious and silky black coat). The images appeared to tell a story about strength and resilience, of tones of darkness being overcome by light. This translated into a message of the shore and its people coming out of the shadows of despair, and into the light of determination and hope.


THIS… was a message that should be seen and shared… for a good cause… to lift spirits… to add to the momentum… to help a charity… even to help local vendors.


Jersey Shore: State of Emergency, State of Resurgency

Design Up Close / Worn By The Human While Graced By My Presence


The following vendors in the Long Beach Island area will be receiving their orders from us this weekend:

ALL WHOLESALE proceeds gained by the joint effort of The Lanther and Michael Bagley Photography will be donated to the Beach Haven First Aid Squad on Long Beach Island, NJ. The squad’s area of operation covers Ship Bottom through Holgate. Local vendors throughout the supporting area who have pre-ordered t-shirts in support of the charity venture, will be retailing them at their venues, in turn helping those businesses in their recovery efforts as well!

An added benefit for The Lanther fans… my handsome dog mug will be floating around a little more in the area… to which I have to say…    AAAWWWOOOOOOOOO!!!

The Lanther’s Winter Ballet

It troubles me to see how long of a hiatus I have taken from blogging! It is, OF COURSE, The Human’s fault. If I listed the ways that she has been lazy around here, I’d have writer’s paw and the outline to a future novel! But I digress… onto more important things than the lethargy of The Human.

It has been quite a Fall/Winter this year. I have immensely enjoyed my time at the shore, being able to run amok on barren beaches, few people in sight. The Human was a trooper in the face of the bitter cold and cutting winds of Mistress Winter. She had me out and running several times a day, nearly every day. She often braved the chilly temperatures dressed embarrassingly like a mismatched bag lady, but what really matters is that she got out there with me. One of her favorite style choices came to be a bright red ski suit, meant for snow, but used on the sandy beach (sigh), FASHION POLICE!!! Embarrassment aside… for her extreme dedication to my exercise needs, I love her… (for her continued exposure of my young mind to senseless, over-dramatic reality TV,  I DO NOT – but that’s another story).

In honor of a winter that was so amazing, I present to you, my audience…


A brilliant display of vivid images capturing the skilled choreography of my red ski-suited Human and I.

We were honored to have the great and talented Michael Bagley of Michael Bagley Photography document our performance photographically (Thanks, you’re awesome Dude!). Goodbye sweet peaceful winter that we enjoyed so much!

Moon Beach Landing 2

The Lanther and The Human


From the wreckage… WE RISE!!!

Greetings fair Citizens!

The last month has brought with it much destruction and chaos due to the wiles of an evil villainess known to all as Hurricane Sandy. She ravaged the landscape of our NJ coastline, home to the Human and I.

We walked the grounds belonging to our family and friends, as well as our own. We encountered wreckage everywhere. Our Granny’s former home was flooded with 3 feet of water… friends’ homes and properties were annihilated… boats were tossed about like dice in Atlantic City… mountains of debris and sopping wet house guts were piled up to be discarded… industrial dumpsters were strategically placed on every street with monster trucks arriving in convoy to haul it away… National Guardsmen and Police were trooping the storm “war zone.” Quite a sight.

Sandy did her worst and blew out of town leaving behind her destruction and her lowly band of goons, THE LOOTERS, to wreak more havoc. They crossed into THE ZONE by land and water, attempting to circumvent the authorities and steal valuables from unattended, storm-damaged homes.


For I know of a pair of superheros bound and determined to bring Sandy’s band of thugs to justice!!!








***Bat-Lanther and Caninia Slave photos courtesy of Michael Bagley Photography ( – Thanks, we love your work and love of animals!

***Thanks also to Harness Lead for being a useful canine tool before, during and after the storm. The Human and I stayed with 2 other humans and 4 other dogs, and we all used our Harness Leads.


Team photo shoot today with my Human and the Harness Lead head honcho!  I got to hang out with some other dogs and lots of people today.  There was some work involved, but I also got to swim and play… WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!!! That’s what I say!!! Well, I say a lot of things… most of which are about FOOD…but… I digress!!!

We got some really cool photos courtesy of Michael Bagley Photography

(Michael Bagley takes awesome photos and donates a lot of his time to taking photos of shelter dogs to help get them adopted – and it does help – he took some of me when I was a shelter pup, too!!!).  He’s going to Heaven!!! Yup… he’s a 5-Milkbone Rated human!!!

So here are the photos… I have perfected my signature modeling “LOOK” called “BLACK STEEL”… I hope you are prepared for how really, really ridiculously good-looking I am!!! AWOOO!!!

These photos were taken for Harness Lead and many went on their website (newly upgraded), so you may check out their web page to see where I appear if you like. WOOF!!!


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