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Coming Soon…

I lack in posting since Hurricane Sandy kicked the crap out of my home seashore. Stay tuned, my return is imminent!


Lanther’s Return to the Giant Driftwood

I had so much fun the last time, that I had to venture out to the beach for another round with the Legendary Giant Driftwood.  It was hidden in a special secret place by my human assistants, so it would be ready for my return.  And it was!!!

The poor tree limb didn’t last beyond this outing though, as it started to break apart (partly at the mercy of my mouth), plus I wouldn’t leave it where the humans hid it at the end of play. But boy was it fun while it lasted!

You can see my ocean swimming skills beginning to really improve in this video.  Do you know I was actually timid of water when I first came face to face with it?  I didn’t even feel comfy swimming in relatively still water, now look at me go! The Lanther at one with the rolling sea!!! Awooo!!!


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