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The Calm Before the Storm

The Human and I are preparing for the arrival of the “Perfect Storm” aka HURRICANE SANDY.  We live right on the coast of NJ.

We have had a lot to do, but we managed to get in a photo session with Harness Lead and Mike Bagley Photography today.  Thanks to both!

We think you will enjoy this shot of the Human and I, which we have dubbed, THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM

Home is Where the Heart Is…

The last few weeks have been really crazy and confusing and weird and up and down, etc. The Human and I are getting ready to move in the near future. We lived with Granny, and now her home is going to belong to someone new. It was our HOME, but it is not our HOUSE. The moving process has begun to happen in phases with different folks coming and going with all of their boxes and movers. I even gave a hand to my Gramps in tying down a tarp on the trailer one day.

The Human says there is a possibility for us to go just about anywhere next… someone else told us that “the world is your oyster now.” What the heck does that mean? Is the world a gooey gob of a creature that lives in a shell in the ocean, who occasionally hacks up a pearl?

My dog park injury is doing great. My wounds are closed and in the last stages of healing, my fur is starting to regrow. No more gauze pads or medical tape. No more cones. I have even gotten back to my bay beach a couple of times. It was so nice to run like a free wild stallion again!

But mostly our days at the house are precious and few, so the Human and I spend a lot of time at home, and on the backyard swing… thinking of Granny and how much we are going to miss her and her house… SHE and this place, were what we called HOME (it really is WHERE THE HEART IS…).

SURVIVOR: “Coney” Island


I, The Lanther,  had a situation which led me to  have to don the dreaded “Cone of Shame” (against my will, of course)

Here are my progress notes:



I’m being oppressed. Kept licking my stitches on my chest. First the Tshirt, now the alien cone.



 OK Human, inflatable rig more comfy than Cone, but I look like I’m fleeing Titanic. “I will never let go!”



“In the event of a water landing, life vests are located beneath your seats. Place the vest over your head…”



Plane went down in the Everglades. Trusty life vest thwarted gator ambush. Terminated with extreme prejudice.



Made it to shore… taking a break from my trusty life vest.

Dog Park / Toy Guarding Lesson Learned

Hello Peeps,

I had an unfortunate situation with a fellow canine at my dog park last night. I needed to get stitches when it was all barked and done. Boo!

My Human feels extra bad because the situation seemed to be escalated by my big red ball. Seems the other doggy really wanted to have it for himself. Usually no other dogs give a poop about my big red ball.  But this dog in particular WAS interested. He chased and took my ball a few times, and I just let him have it… whatever… that’s cool. A few times the other dog growled and chased me when I chased my ball, and my Human noticed, but thought the other dog was only being vocal, as did the other dog’s Humans. That was true on a few runs of it… where he WAS just doing vocal stuff.

The last time I chased the ball, the other dog ran, turned and went after me instead of the ball. Things got hairy. I received some wounds that required the vet and some stitches. The other dog’s Humans came to the vet to meet us and covered my entire vet bill. They’ve also been periodically calling my Human to ask how I’m doing.

The Human feels terrible that she misread the body language and signs coming from the other dog.  They turned out to be more intense than she assessed them to be in her mind. She thought it was only vocality and did not anticipate it would escalate to the point that it did. When she recalls the events leading up to the mishap, she feels she should have taken the ball out of play as a precaution.

Mostly I’m writing to tell you:

1) what happened to me

2) that I am going to be OK and

3) to watch out for signs at the dog park (or any group dog setting), that dogs may be too competitive over the same toy… remove that toy to be safe

Perhaps even if it is just vocal signs of competition, it is better to be safe and remove the toy in question.

Play on my dogs!


The Lanther



PAWS to remember…

Tribute to the more than 300 search and rescue dogs that helped in the rescue effort at the World Trade Center after terrorists attacked on September 11, 2001.

***Videos Courtesy of “The Dog Files”***

Hero Dogs Of 9/11:

Hero Dogs Of 9/11: Legacy

Summer Wind

The summer wind, came blowin’ in – from across the sea
It lingered there, so warm and fair – to walk with me
All summer long, we sang a song – and strolled on golden sand
Two sweethearts, and the summer wind
Frank Sinatra, The Summer Wind

Summer is ending it seems. Only a bit after Labor Day and already I can smell the breath of Fall. My Human says she can smell only my breath, which is why she broke out the doggy toothbrush and doggy toothpaste this morning, and got all up in my grill. I hardly think my breath was as bad as she dramatically proclaimed. And Girl, please! Like your breath is a clump of sweet green grass! I digress…

Summer is coming to a close, but with that, beach access will be reopened to dogs. All summer, humans get to wallow and loaf on the beaches like happy pods of seals. We dogs are banned during prime swimming season. Hello? Selfish much? I am a beach dog… and I am grumpy without my beach!

We dogs at least have the bay beaches during the interim… which is where I spent my afternoon today!

Ho Hum Day… thanks to SOMEONE

I can’t say I had an especially exciting day today because SOMEONE didn’t take me to the dog park.  SOMEONE kept ignoring my attempts to harass her.  SOMEONE was like, TOTALLY BORING today!  If there were an Olympics for the Boring… I know SOMEONE who would win every event!

Tomorrow I plan to be completely obnoxious… the price the Human shall pay for a day filled with nothingness.  I need exercise. Fail in that mission and face the consequences Princess!  Oh yes, tomorrow, you WILL WANT to take me to the dog park. You won’t be able to ignore me if you try Sweetheart!  Mwah ha ha!!!



Team photo shoot today with my Human and the Harness Lead head honcho!  I got to hang out with some other dogs and lots of people today.  There was some work involved, but I also got to swim and play… WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!!! That’s what I say!!! Well, I say a lot of things… most of which are about FOOD…but… I digress!!!

We got some really cool photos courtesy of Michael Bagley Photography

(Michael Bagley takes awesome photos and donates a lot of his time to taking photos of shelter dogs to help get them adopted – and it does help – he took some of me when I was a shelter pup, too!!!).  He’s going to Heaven!!! Yup… he’s a 5-Milkbone Rated human!!!

So here are the photos… I have perfected my signature modeling “LOOK” called “BLACK STEEL”… I hope you are prepared for how really, really ridiculously good-looking I am!!! AWOOO!!!

These photos were taken for Harness Lead and many went on their website (newly upgraded), so you may check out their web page to see where I appear if you like. WOOF!!!

The Lanther Appears on Harness Lead Promos [VIDEO POST]

My days stuck watching America’s Next Top Model against my will with the Human have paid off! That is where I learned from Tyra Banks to “SMIZE,” elongate my neck and be aware of the lighting on my jowls.  All tricks I employed to charm the humans into selecting me as a spokesdog / actor for Harness Lead.  I got the gig!!! AWOOO!!!


Yes, yes… thank you!  I am very excited…

It started with some modeling shots of me wearing their harness – which I am ecstatic to say they’ve decided to use on their product sales tag.  It then moved on to my first product video, the instructional video for Harness Lead (posted below).

During shoots I got to be the center of attention… I got to be with my Human… I was pet a lot… and of course, I was offered tasty morsels  (WINNING!!!).

I think it all turned out quite well.  I have the charisma and presence of George Clooney on the Red Carpet… I am just showing it off in a Red Harness instead.  I have a tongue that rivals Gene Simmons’… mine is actually bigger and badder.  And my stylist commented that my haircut is way hipper than Bieber’s.  I think I wagged it!!!



Check out where this video appears, as well as see my other modeling photos on

I appear on their website under the following tabs:

How to


Who’s your Doggy?

Polaris Breach

A Dog’s quest to show his supremacy to the Great White, and ultimately to lure his Human from the grasp of the Shark Week TV Screen…

“SHARK WEEK!!! Anything you can do I can do better!!! POLARIS BREACH, YEAH BABY!!! LET ME SHOW YA HOW IT’S DONE!!!” – THE LANTHER


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