The Lanther Appears on Harness Lead Promos [VIDEO POST]

My days stuck watching America’s Next Top Model against my will with the Human have paid off! That is where I learned from Tyra Banks to “SMIZE,” elongate my neck and be aware of the lighting on my jowls.  All tricks I employed to charm the humans into selecting me as a spokesdog / actor for Harness Lead.  I got the gig!!! AWOOO!!!


Yes, yes… thank you!  I am very excited…

It started with some modeling shots of me wearing their harness – which I am ecstatic to say they’ve decided to use on their product sales tag.  It then moved on to my first product video, the instructional video for Harness Lead (posted below).

During shoots I got to be the center of attention… I got to be with my Human… I was pet a lot… and of course, I was offered tasty morsels  (WINNING!!!).

I think it all turned out quite well.  I have the charisma and presence of George Clooney on the Red Carpet… I am just showing it off in a Red Harness instead.  I have a tongue that rivals Gene Simmons’… mine is actually bigger and badder.  And my stylist commented that my haircut is way hipper than Bieber’s.  I think I wagged it!!!



Check out where this video appears, as well as see my other modeling photos on

I appear on their website under the following tabs:

How to


Who’s your Doggy?

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  • Bosun Dawg on Aug 28, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations Lanther! It looks like a nice product.

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