Very brief status update POST HURRICANE SANDY

Alas… internet access! Communications and utilities have been zero to weak due to Hurricane Sandy… which hit directly HERE, in our generally sleepy little vicinity!

I and the Human are SAFE, but displaced. Our area and community got punked HARD by the storm!

Lots to tell… but not in this post.

More to follow…

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  • SophieCoton on Nov 06, 2012 Reply

    Hi Lanther. Glad to hear you and your human are safe. My alpha’s mom and brother live on the Great South Bay of LI and were hard hit too. They are staying together in one home because one was ruined. But they have no power. I want them to come to me so I could cuddle them and keep them warm, even though I think it’ll take more than one of me to keep them warm on these cold nights. They have their own pup, who, I am sure, is working extra hard to keep all the alphas and little alphas warm. I hope you are well and safe and warm where you are and that power is restored to your area soonest.

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